Sunday, March 21, 2010

Farmer's Market

The city of Boston does a complete 180 when the temperature reaches 70 degrees. Fair enough, so this weekend the days were spent primarily outside and at our favorite venue... basically, wherever there is food.

1. Dim Sum (hangover cure)
2. Tapioca ( why not)
3. Farmer's Market ( a must)

Highlights of the farmer's market:

I love the farmer's market because you get fresh produce for cheap! I probably save a good $20-$30 on grocery's by shopping here. I also love the aura of the place- all the colors, textures, smells of fruits and veggies really encapsulates the novelty behind the place. Another great aspect are the vendors themselves....constantly yelling out (in a boston accent of course), smoking cigarettes, being pushy like in the movie Aladdin.

my friends Alie and Magen trying to pick the best bunch of asparagus (only $1.00!!)

Asian Farmers....nicely posing prease

haha this guy was hilarious! quite some characters at this market...he struck this pose last minute, im glad I caught it. 5 dollar footlong?? Jazz fingers??

Oranges are in season..."i'll take 2 please"

just kidding...i'll take 6? just $1.00?? really?? you sure? ok fine, here's a dollar.

My friend John's first time to the market... such a noob. I think he enjoyed, he got excited about 3 boxes of blackberrys for a $1.50

Where can you find peppers for 3 for a $1.00?? So fresh and crisp you can bake, broil, grill, or eat raw! sooo yum

Did I mention they have FISH?? FRESHHH FISH!! (Aladdin scene reminder? anyone?)
cheap. good. fresh. case in point.

Every other week I go to the market to buy salmon, but this week they were out!! Such a travesty on all levels....because its lenten season and I need my fish fix. Anyways, this guy was there and I forced him to hold up a fish head hehe, well it made my day and I hope he got a kick out of some crazy asian lady forcing him to take a pic. ALSO... this man LOOKS like a real fisherman-with the beard, hat, and just the features of his face. His name is probably John, last name Silver, im putting money on it.

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