Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garlic Mayo vavavoom

The first time I had garlic mayo was at a restaurant called Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka gbk in London which makes sense because it works best with burgers. It sounded intriguing... hence why I ordered it, and oh boy let me tell you it was the best thing since sliced bread.

I was used to eating burgers with mayo- growing up, my mom's version of hamburgers were mini patties served with rice mayo and ketchup (weird sounding I know, but soo good). Then this magical creation comes along, some genius decides to literally put minced garlic + mayo together and yes vavavoom!!

I make it all the time...SO EASY! Also works with french fries and I have yet to try it on fried fish.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Its 1:39 am and I have a major exam tomorrow, in a subject of which I am illiterate in... but a whilst studying a song on my playlist came up which just sparked my time of living in London. I dont know if I'm the only one going through this withdrawal or there are closet London study-abroaders who are keeping their emotions to themselves, but I MISS LONDON. In fact I miss all of Europe. I want to be in Europe right now drinking a cappuccino at a bistro in the park watching ducks reading a book while munching on a biscotti listening to a local street performer play the violin....(is that so hard to ask?)

OK enough procrastinating on my behalf, back to work! (missing you london)

Friday, February 19, 2010

to bake or not to bake?

Dilemma: when you are living in an apartment where you don't really have to pay the electricity bill, its tempting to start baking and cooking etc. - which yes it is fun and if I could get paid to bake all day I would. trust me.

NOW im in the mood to bake everything- even simple things like cookies and bread, but should I?? The thing with baking is time, money, and time...Its 10X easier to run over to the grocery store and pick up a loaf of ciabatta for a measly $2 rather than wait for the yeast to rise, etc, etc...

but OH the JOY in baking, in knowing what goes into your food, and learning the techniques- so worth it! maybe one day I will own a bakery like Meryl Streep in the movie It's Complicated, for now I'll just keep dreaming.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the little things in life that I love

So, working in the library can be a boring task, but it definitely gives me peace of mind sometimes...I can do aimless things like- update my blog. Purely, because I like keeping a journal, but I hate physically writing... typing = so easy.

I used to work Sunday mornings at the library (12pm is considered Sunday morning) and the first thing I have to do is:
1. update the stamps, meh... not so fun =(

Wow, so I decided that hmm I love the Sunday Paper, its unlike any other day of the week, there are so many sections and added benefits. also p.s., I get to open the Boston Globe and The New York Times = win win. From this moment I decided- this is a little thing in life that I love, reading the Sunday paper, looking at the coupons and deals of the week... reading movie critiques, attempting the impossible crossword puzzle while- ahh sipping on my coffee = absolute bliss.

This inspired me to write down a list of the little things in life that I love, and so whenever I stumble upon this "little thing in life that i love" I should write it down, document it, unagi it.

First on my list: The Sunday Paper
The Sunday paper is like a good friend you see only so often, but whenever you see them its always good conversation, fun times, relaxing - carefree almost. A friend you dont really discuss work, family, or school with - but art, music, literature, fashion, food... all the comfort things. And that's what I enjoy- my once a week time to spend reading about movies, art, drinks, upcoming events, whatever... ahh c'est si bon =)